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Eriera House takes culinary and bar services to the next level, offering a niche and trendy experience that is sure to delight guests.

Our team of skilled chefs and mixologists curate a culinary journey that combines unique flavours, innovative techniques, and the latest culinary trends. From interactive food stations and gourmet food trucks to fusion menus and artisanal cocktails, we infuse creativity and style into every aspect of our culinary offerings.

Whether it's a trendy pop-up bar serving craft cocktails or a bespoke dining experience showcasing the latest culinary sensations, we ensure that every taste bud is tantalised and every sip is memorable. With Eriera House, guests can expect a culinary adventure that transcends the ordinary and leaves a lasting impression on their palate.


Eriera House elevates the dining experience with upscale takes on classic favourites, delivering an array of enticing culinary options.

Our upscale burger bar introduces gourmet patties crafted from premium cuts of meat, paired with artisanal buns and a selection of decadent toppings.

The pizza bar offers a tantalising selection of handcrafted pizzas, featuring unique flavour combinations and artisanal ingredients sourced from local producers.

Our taco creations showcase a fusion of global flavours, with expertly crafted fillings and homemade tortillas.

For barbecue enthusiasts, our BBQ station serves up mouthwatering slow-cooked meats, accompanied by homemade sauces and delectable sides.

Indulge in our delectable desserts, where classic sweet treats are reimagined with innovative twists and elegant presentations.

Guests can savour a variety of cuisines from our stylish food trucks, each offering a distinct culinary experience on wheels. From exquisite canapés to beautifully presented small bites, our offerings cater to the most refined palates.

At Eriera House, we believe that every dish should be an experience, and we strive to create culinary moments that captivate and delight.


PADUA, ITALY - JUNE 18, 2015: Piaggio Ape a three-wheeled light commercial vehicle based on a vespa scooter produced since 1948 by Italian company Piaggio


Get ready for a mobile culinary experience with our Piaggio truck. This compact yet trendy vehicle is equipped with the brand new Gozney dome.

Combine culinary delights with entertainment. The truck doubles as photo opportunity, offering a one-of-a-kind experience where guests can savour delectable bites and capture memorable moments simultaneously.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - May 2021: Close up image of a handle of The Green Egg outdoor barbecue. Very popular ceramic bbq The Green Egg. A hand holding Big Green Egg handle and opening the BBQ


Equipped with Green Egg BBQs and flat griddles, we serve up mouthwatering BBQ offerings that evoke the nostalgia of good old-fashioned cookouts. Our setup is designed to fit in smaller spaces, ensuring that even low-key events can enjoy the delectable flavors and inviting aromas of our BBQ creations.